Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good Times, Good Times!

I'm home! Did you miss me? I hope that the two very simple dishes that I left you with helped ease the pain of my absence!

We just returned from a wonderful trip to the city. We did lots of sight seeing, shopping and we got to spend some very enjoyable quality time with my brother and pregnant sister-in-law!

If you are here for a recipe, sorry not this time. But I will share a few pictures of the food we ate. I tried to talk my little bro into cooking for you, but we didn't fit it into this visit. You are lucky to see him grilling salmon on cedar planks. And there's a dessert his sweet wife made.

Oh, and guess what! I had a little trip to Italy! Remember my Italian Creme cake? If you don't you MUST check it out. Any who, we went to an Italian Festival with food vendors galore! From upscale local restaurant's showcasing their finest to mom and pop shop vendors. One very sweet grandmotherly type offered me a sample of her Italian Creme Cake when she saw me obsessing over her display. I got my wish y'all! The authentic stuff. It was good! Very good. Hers was a little more moist than mine, less coconut and probably made with vegetable oil rather than the shortening. Hers was much more sweet than mine. But I do like my frosting better! Hers was a heavy whipping creme base for sure, where as mine is a cream cheese base. Anyway, I was very pleased to have had a bite.

Ok, enough about that, here is a small taste of our week.

My pregnant sister-in-law (isn't she cute) and a little princess.
And the yummy strawberry dessert she made!
The princess not ready for school in a one-room school house we visited.

Some serious tractor driving by the warrior.
The princess convinced that we need a baby milk cow at home.

Time for a break!
My little Bro grilling up some salmon!
The finished product!
Totally good for you!

Always time for a ride!

Aren't they cute!
Let's go fly a kite!
Keeping cool at the baseball game...I don't even think she knew there were athletes on the field!
Warrior boy on the other hand is obsessed with baseball!
The taste of the Italian Creme Cake!
Creme Brulee Grapefruit
Another taste of Italy
Last stop on the way home!

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