Friday, May 20, 2011

Bashful Beginnings

One of my passions...FOOD. I love cooking, mostly baking. I love looking at recipes and food blogs. I love experimenting and of course tasting! I have recipes in my kitchen, on my computer, in my phone and on my mind. I have lots of friends out there still waiting for recipes that I promised...well, ummm...years ago! Well, here you go! I'm putting them all out there for you and me, so that they are all in one place.

I get excited about trying new recipes and creating my own recipes. I love taking the food that I grew up helping my mom and grandma make and kicking it up a little bit or giving it a little bit of gourmet flare! 

Let me tell you something though. I'm not a writer (my mom however is an excellent writer). And I certainly don't take great pictures. I promise to learn though. I'm semi-embarrassed to post any pictures that I'll be taking until then but I will...don't judge me...Ok, you can judge me, just don't tell me about it! ;)

Another passion of mine is my family. My dear husband, whom I lovingly refer to as Superman...because well, he is a Super Man! My Warrior son, who is an ALL boy 4 year old, but loves his momma! And my 2 year old pretty Princess daughter, who is sometimes too much like her momma!

I look forward to having a place to document my experiments and archive my  perfections! And to of course share them with you!



  1. After months of debate on starting a blog...I almost teared up after actually following through with it!

  2. Way to go, Mare-Bear! I am excited for this! :)