Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's for Lunch?

I am back! Well, kinda. We are back in town, but this usually "with-it" organized momma is definitely not feeling like I have it "all together" these days! I have spent about 10 of the last 45 days home and my mind is certainly still on vacation! And to top it off, I will be leaving to go out of town again in 2 days and on top of that...I couldn't find my camera for 2 weeks! AAHHH!!!! Unfortunately, you missed a fantastic German Chocolate Cake that I made for my big brother's birthday, reduced sugar and fat blueberry muffins, apple coffee cake, garden fresh spaghetti sauce and a revised version of the Italian Creme Cake for my mommas birthday! All of pictures! UGH! But I did find the camera the very last day of my most recent vacation, at least I have it now!

Being home for just a few short days, my schedule filled up pretty fast! One thing on the list was a playdate with a sweet friend, which turned into a lunch playdate! All the better! I am happy with a bowl of fresh spinach and veggies for lunch, but I'm kind of getting a reputation with this blog so I knew a simple salad wouldn't cut it. So, I put the salad in a cheddar jalepeno wrap, added hummus instead of mayonnaise and finished up with some ham and turkey. It was a nice little gourmet wrap! Fresh and very flavorful!

Ham and Turkey Wrap

Cheddar Jalepeno Tortillas (or your favorite flavor)
Hummus (I use Trader Joes Original and Trader Joes Roasted Red Pepper)
Cucumber, sliced lengthwise
Fresh baby spinach
Tomatoes, Sliced
Cheddar Cheese, sliced

Heat the tortilla on a warm burner or in the microwave just for a short 15 - 20 seconds to make it easier to work with. Smear the tortilla with hummus, add the fillings, fold one end up and then roll that baby closed. That's it ya'll!

You don't really need to serve it with anything have your meat and salad right there! Enjoy!

And a couple of random other pictures for those of you who like to come for the kids a little more so than the food!

Jumping up and down with excitement!

Doing some yard work - planting grass that was once Solomon's Hair!


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