Friday, July 6, 2012


Hi Friends! So here's the story on these sweet, salty and crunchy treats! It was the morning of this year's Independence Day, we had a full day of celebration planned beginning with fresh donuts from the bakery, decorating bicycles with red white and blue streamers followed by a neighborhood bike parade! And of course I decided in the middle of it all, that we needed one more dessert for our BBQ.

No time for something BIG because, that afternoon naps would be a MUST for my Warrior and Princess since we had committed to an outrageous Water Balloon Fight, then neighbors were coming over for the cookout before the fabulous Firework displays! Yes, display"S", the fireworks in our area are nuts! 

Anyway, I had already made the flag Strawberry Pretzel dessert, something fruity and refreshing but I needed chocolate too...just in case! And something simple and no baking! And maybe something that resembled fire roasted s'mores! S'mores speak summer to me (doesn't your food speak to you?).

S'mores on a stick! And they were oh so delish! They were a hit! I added peanut butter to the marshmallow chocolate and graham cracker trio to hold the marshmallow in place while dipping. And what a fabulous idea! It tastes like a cross between a Reese's and Kit Kat! MmmmHmmm! I'm so thankful for my freedom! Aren't you? Have Birthday America!


lollipop sticks
Graham Crackers
Marshmallows (I used the cool flat ones, Kraft Jet-Puffed StackerMallows)
Dipping chocolate (I used Cocoa Candy Melts)
Peanut Butter

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
Break graham crackers into individual rectangles.
Smear PB on two crackers.
Place a marshmallow between the two crackers.
Dip a lollipop stick in the chocolate about an inch deep and push through the marshmallow.
Continue to make as many as your heart pleases and allow the chocolate to harden to that it won't all fall apart when you dip it.
Now dip the stable "pop" in the chocolate, allowing access chocolate to drip off.
Set on the parchment paper and allow to harden.

Celebrate! Share! Enjoy!


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